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  Hanukkah Menorah The Hanukkah Menorah is also called Chanukiah or Hanukkiah. This is a specially designed candelabrum. The special characteristics about the Hanukkah Menorah is that it is a nine-branched candelabrum and is used as the special Hanukkah lamp. This is a special candelabrum that is lit during the 8 days of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. The Hanukkah Menorah is displayed in public during Hanukkah, which is in December. It is considered to be a big event and it is common for popular public figures participate in the public lighting of the Menorah. This festival is popular in...

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Hot Home Decor Ideas in 2017 Home décor ideas and trends are different every year, therefore, it is a common practice to do some research on the current trends or even consider consulting an interior designer. There are many sources where one can find information on the current trends. Some of the most popular sources are researching on the Internet, fashion or home décor magazines or even visiting exhibitions. There are also many articles online like this one that can provide valuable insight into what’s in and what’s in the world of home décor. Trendy home décor ideas for 2017...

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 Popular Wrought Iron Hooks and Wrought Iron Towel Racks Wrought iron home accessories are very sturdy and also good in appearance. Wrought Iron is a very durable material, therefore it is no surprise that it’s a popular material for home decor. The composition of wrought Iron is 1% to 2% slag with Iron as the main component. It is the chosen form of accessory for many people all around the world. There are also many websites online that are dedicated to just Wrought Iron accessories. Besides which, are giants of eCommerce, also have wrought iron products listed. Amazon and Ebay...

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Wrought iron home décor is quite popular these days and there are many different items to choose from. With items like paper holders, towel racks, wall décor...etc, there are so many options and they can be used in numerous areas of your home like your kitchen, bathroom, living room and even your garage. If you are looking to give your home a fresh look, here are six of the most popular wrought iron home items around.   Wrought Iron Anchor Hook 1. An anchor hook serves a purpose wherever you place it.  Use it as a coat and hat rack...

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The wrought iron home decor is quite in fashion and there are many different varieties available as well. For example, there are wrought iron items available for the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms as well. Moreover wrought iron is in demand when it comes to outdoor decor. Items that are really popular are paper holders, towel racks,  candle holders, etc. Here are seven of the most popular wrought iron home items around:   Anchor Hook Whether you use it as a coat and hat rack, for your jacket, bags or scarves or even for your robe in the bathroom, the raw...

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