About Us

Marie Décor is an online shop for unique home decor products. We are designing, producing and selling high-quality products that combine usability with the artistic aesthetic. Our product range includes towel hooks for kitchen and bath, iron hooks in various designs, toilet paper holders, menorahs and candle holders, paper towel holders and more. We are keeping all the time with designing and producing new products

At Marie Decor we make sure that all our products will be at the highest standard of production, aesthetic and high quality.

A major part of our product is made by blacksmith iron work - an ancient craft of re-designing iron by heating, bending, twisting, hammer blows and more technics that change the original material form to a new product.

Our customers are important to us and our main goal is to provide a smooth and
excellent customer experience. We would be happy to hear from you- please let us know by contacting us here >>.

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wrought iron home decor|wrought iron candle holder|wrought iron toilet paper holder|

This classic form of blacksmithing art has not lost its relevancy and charm - it can be used beautifully and practically in the modern house of the 21st century. Our line of products are suitable for every home, both interior and exterior.


Marie Décor offers creative and unique solutions for home and office, designed and crafted using traditional blacksmith craftsmanship, wood craft and more.
  • Easy to install (screws and wall-plugs included)
  • Adaptable to various interior design-styles
  • Endurable and long lasting
  • Original and innovative
  • Available as a single piece or as full sets for bathrooms, kitchens and more.


Why Choose Us?

  • Unique assortment – of the best quality in the field of iron décor
  • Personal touch of a boutique company
  • Responsive customer support
  • Style: Our rural and urban designs blend to create just the right balance


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