Trending Home Decor Ideas for 2017

Trending Home Decor Ideas for 2017

Hot Home Decor Ideas in 2017

Home décor ideas and trends are different every year, therefore, it is a common practice to do some research on the current trends or even consider consulting an interior designer. There are many sources where one can find information on the current trends. Some of the most popular sources are researching on the Internet, fashion or home décor magazines or even visiting exhibitions. There are also many articles online like this one that can provide valuable insight into what’s in and what’s in the world of home décor.

Trendy home décor ideas for 2017

The green color: The green color is in at the cost of many others. There are many people opting for the green Many people pick the green color for their houses from lime green to emerald green.

home interior
Texture: Texture is now being given more importance with fabrics and even the wallpaper.

Combination of marble and brass:  The baths and kitchen are seeing a growing use of marble and brass items and this trend is expected to be followed well into 2017.

marble home decor
Symmetry:  The trend these days is about creating a house that feels curated via good patterns. Hence, there is a more use of geometric designs, triangles and even simple lines.

Lighting: The lighting of the house should not be taken lightly since it is equally important as the rest of the décor. The way to approach the house lighting when designing the house is to consider it an accessory. From selecting the bedside lamp design to having fancy fixtures on the dining room, all required a lot of time.

The color Gray: The color Gray continues to be a color with a lot of importance. This 2016 trend of using several tones of gray has continued into 2017.

grey home decor
Bronze: The usage of bronze is quite classic and hence to consider it as a trend in 2017 may come as a shock to many. However, the use of bronze in lighting and accessories like vase, lamps and other decorative items is on the rise.

Woven Texture:  Woven textile brings a unique look to any room. It can may come as a surprise to many how effective woven texture can be.

woven texture home deocr
Blush:  The blush in designing is back with a vengeance. From home accessories to other interior sections, the pink blush or rosy red are being used in ways seemed unimaginable before.

Statement Ceilings: The ceiling is also a part of the discussion when designing the house. The so called “fifth wall” now can have textured wallpaper, ceiling foam, bold paint color and more.

Make sure that your home stays in style and avoid this trends that were cool throughout the last couple of years

Popular design ideas that are no longer in trend.

White interior: A very popular design of designing a room that has all white walls is out of fashion. There have been a trend shift towards the brown shade, green and black shades as well.

Homes accessories made of Copper: Copper is no longer the favorite of everyone. In fact, almost no one uses copper these days. The people tend to prefer brass to copper as well.

Bland Accessories:  Accessories or furniture that are generic are definitely out of fashion and no longer appreciated by most. Instead, the trend of mixing and matching different types purpose built accessories or furniture is more common.



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