How To Care For Your Iron Pieces

Wrought iron home accessories and decor available from Marie Decor. Comes from a blacksmith workshop to last for years. After purchase, your unique items require proper care and maintenance to assure longevity.


 wrought iron tool blacksmith process care for decor

Hand Forging by Blacksmith

Iron Craft wrought iron products are built to last using hot-rolled and hot-forging techniques. These techniques may produce some scaling on the finished texture. The traditional techniques of forging, bending, welding and cutting may leave tool marks on the metal. These marks and variations in the iron are characteristics of truly handcrafted iron and assure you that no two pieces are identical.




Clean & Care

To maintain the beauty and luster of your iron decor and accessories we recommend buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth. Buffing can occur on a regular basis, perhaps each time you are dusting the area.



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