Popular Wrought Iron Home Decor Ideas Your Sure to Love

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Popular Wrought Iron Home Decor Ideas Your Sure to Love

 Popular Wrought Iron Hooks and Wrought Iron Towel Racks

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Wrought iron home accessories are very sturdy and also good in appearance. Wrought Iron is a very durable material, therefore it is no surprise that it’s a popular material for home decor. The composition of wrought Iron is 1% to 2% slag with Iron as the main component. It is the chosen form of accessory for many people all around the world. There are also many websites online that are dedicated to just Wrought Iron accessories. Besides which, are giants of eCommerce, also have wrought iron products listed. Amazon and Ebay are among them.

This is the chosen product of many people and all most everyone has something good to say about it. Wrought Iron has been used in many ways since the medieval age. It was used for weapons at one point in time and later used for other types of furniture and more. However, the popularity of Wrought Iron diminished with the advent of alternative material like steel, etc. Wrought Iron is now back in fashion and is used to create many different types of products.

Wrought Iron Hooks & Racks Reviews

Here are a few reviews for Wrought Iron Products that can help understand the popularity, quality and usefulness of these products:

  • “The wrought iron towel rack that I received is surprisingly light in weight and sturdy at the same time. This towel rack requires to be assembled. The assembly does seem like a daunting task at first due to the size of the thing, but it too is surprisingly easy.
  • “Wrought iron products are true value for money products”
  • “The decorative wrought iron wall hooks I purchased is very good at this cost. The fine finishing touch gives it a fabulous effect.”
  • “The Wrought Iron Hook was simply awesome, a perfect buy for my bedroom.”
  • “I recently began investing in Wrought Iron products and purchased a bathroom paper towel holder as per the recommendation of my close friend. I was a bit sceptical at first about whether it would go well with the decor of my house. My first purchase, removed any fear I had about it going well with the decor. It was the perfect fit”.“The Wrought Iron hook I purchased was perfect for my bedroom. I was ill-advised by someone of how Wrought Iron products are sharp and can easily hurt someone. I am glad I decided to test the product myself. I purchased a Wrought Iron hook from an online; It was delivered promptly and I have had no problems with it as yet.”
  • “Wrought Iron products are the perfect gift for people of any age. There are many types of products that can suit just about anyone. The gift can be a product to be placed in the bathroom, a bedroom or even the living“

These are few reviews sent by people using Wrought Iron products and who are very happy with them. These reviews help clear any doubts regarding the usefulness, strength and beauty of Wrought Iron products. They also help us understand how popular Wrought Iron products have become in recent times.

Growing popularity of Wrought Iron Accessories

There are many factors that go in favour for Wrought Iron accessories. Here are a few reasons why Wrought Iron accessories like hooks and racks are also popular:


  • The Wrought Iron Hooks are built with great care and hence they are very sturdy.
  • These Wrought Iron racks and hooks are perfectly safe even though they are manufactured using Iron. Every care is taken and safety is given a lot of attention when creating them.
  • The Wrought Iron hooks can be accessed from any angle and they will just as sturdy. They have a timeless beauty, durability and are versatile.
  • Wrought Iron Racks are a work of art. Besides being functional, these wrought iron accessories are artistically designed to blend with the decor of your house. Hence when not in use, they do not appear out of place, but seem like a work of art.
  • Wrought Iron accessories have historically been at the top of the list of chosen products when enhancing a residential or commercial space.


How Wrought Iron differs from Cast Iron

Wrought Iron is Iron that has been heated and also worked on by tools. On the other hand, Cast Iron is Iron that has been melted and placed into a mould that is allowed to solidify. Thus the main difference is the method in which they are created which also dictates their strength. Cast Iron is more hard, brittle and non-malleable. Wrought Iron on the other hand is highly malleable, which means it can be heated and reheated over and over again and worked on to create the perfect product. Reheating the Wrought Iron also makes it stronger. In addition to which it also becomes highly resistant to high pressure.

Cast Iron was popular in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The main reason being that Cast Iron is less labour intensive than Wrought Iron. However, in current time other metals like steel have completely replaced cast iron. Although Wrought Iron is still used for accessories like towel racks, bathroom or bedroom hooks and more.

Main characteristics and use of Wrought Iron

  • Wrought Iron Magnetic and Strong
  • Good tensile strength and elasticity
  • Can be heated over and over again (Malleable)
  • Wrought Iron is perfect where high tension and compression requirements exist.

With such wide range characteristics, there are many ways in which the Wrought Iron can be used. Here are some of the main uses:

  • Gates or Railings
  • Grills
  • Porches
  • House hold accessories
  • Lamps
  • Roof Crest
  • Clamps

Wrought Iron accessories like hooks and towel racks are growing in popularity. There are many reasons why. The Wrought Iron accessories are very strong and functional; besides which, they also enhance the decor of any room.  You can find many of the durable products in our shop. Don’t forget about a free shipping for orders $35



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